Don Lemon: In this White House, anything goes


CNN’s Don Lemon states that “anything goes” in President Trump’s White House, citing Sarah Sanders’ tenure as White House press secretary, and the news …


  1. So the president of the united states of america is saying that he'd gladly be a traitor to the country and some are still defending him?
    I'm witnessing the decay of a country that is said to be a "great democracy". It is sad but it is definetly a historic moment…

  2. Fake news CNN is batshit – unhinged. There is more happenings in the world than obsessing over Trump 24/7. You paranoid, scum of the earth, domestic terrorist on teleprompters. HAHA How about them epic failing ratings your piss poor, pathetic asses have. #FAKENEWSCNNSCUM

  3. …isn't it a joke how CNN can put a twist on every Political move Trump does to make it fit their "Socialist" agenda, this has been going on for 2 1/2 years everyday, CNN should be banished from society…..
    …..the only good "Liberals" are the ones in a Casket.

  4. Maybe Le Mon can explain John Kerry interfering in overseas conflicts with iran?Anything GOES!!!  Not like the previous admins that put the country plus 20,000,000,000,000.00 dollars in debt

  5. #LemonProvesThatHeAndCNNAreIdiots#TrumpWinsAGAIN ..
    Doesn't this … this … thing understand that the words of Ellen Weinbtraub and EVERY OTHER IDIOT that made pronouncements like hers will be carefully collected and used in court by John Durham to indict Hillary Clinton (Ukraine governnent connection), Adam Schiff (Russia call offering Trump "dirt"), Mark Warner (Russia communication offering "dirt" on Trump and kept secret for 9 months until he was outed), Comey/McCabe/Strzok/Page/Baker/Rice/Obama/Hillary/DNC (Russia-fed info into the Steele Dossier that was used in an attempt to depose President Trump)

  6. No stupid, once again you are showing a national audience just how brain dead you are. You need to look back at the Clinton's . Do some research or better yet get someone to do it for you and explain it in kindergarten terms so you can understand it.

  7. Lemon when will you stop breathlessly reporting Anti Trump news some real and many false? Why do you appear to have such disdain for the President? You are always so animated NO MATTER what he says. You rarely give ANY credit for good things he does say or does. What are you trying to achieve here? I thought you were a NEWS ANCHOR. You always sound like an OPINION ACTIVIST TV HOST. Choose a side and tell us which side that is or report straight news and please stop helping to divide this great country. Nuf said.

  8. Plenty of people violated the hatch act. It’s an antiquated law that was passed before television. Julian Castro violated-not punished. Kathleen Sebelius violated it but not punished. Josh Earnest violated it—- unpunished.

    You fucktards have gone insane.

  9. President Trump has managed to get the lefties, RINOs and the media all shouting in unison and on record that to accept foreign intelligence/oppo research in an election is a crime.
    It's going to be difficult for them to walk it back when Horowitz and Barr reveal the evidence that it was obama and hillary that accepted foreign intelligence/oppo research to smear candidate Trump.

    The President has set them up like dominos.


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