1. That statement is Trump he says a lot but means nothing that doesn’t benefit him . The world knows this man just lies they don’t believe anything that is said by him. The world just laughs at the USA because they think we all are morons for putting him in charge.

  2. He doesn't actually know what he is talking about. He covers one lie with another lie. He lives a lie just as a dictator does and still no one is willing to take any substantial action to oust this terrible and ignorant despot.

  3. I have a copy of Kim Jong's letter to Don here ……it reads …." Stop saying you love me you Dotard ….you make me feel uncomfortable & as a president ….you suck " gonna send a missile up your a#*e !

  4. This 24/7/365 Barrage of FAKE LYING BULLSH*T🐂💩 is why Lying Liberal N.Y. Times barred their employees from doing interviews with CNN. You know that you suck when a Newspaper bars it's employees from being interviewed by CNN. But it's REALLY REALLY REALLY sad when a Dying Liberal Rag, like the NY Time won't associate with you.😀😂😃🤣😄😅

  5. The USA is a failure. It has failed. Enough with the talk, the constant whining, the blame shifting, the panels of ex CIA spooks, the ex FBI agents, the retired grifters, the has-been's and the never was's.
    The USA is finished. Just like its infrastructure, its roads and bridges, its filthy subways and polluted drinking water, the USA has failed. The least you can do is go quietly.

  6. How do people sit there and try to strategies what Trump says when he does not even know what he says? Its simple, he is stupid, end of story! Its like intellectuals talking about the 3 stooges. We are simply a laughing stock.

  7. but when was this murder took place?(during Obama) these FAKE MEDIA NETWORKS are desperate &losing all their creditability…keep in mind also CNN your2016 FAKE NEWS MEDIA polls were proved shitty when the election results didn't go for your crooked Hillary lol

  8. He is not attacking biden because he is threatened by him, he is doing it to elevate biden. Above all else both sides of the establishment dont want a progressive. He wants to run against establishment biden just like you would want to run against clinton. Both excite nobody, and either way the establishment wins.

  9. Yes you folks are right the democrats and republicans are all liars, how do we get rid of them!! I know we need people who wont lie for money and power,  how do we get rid of all of them in Congress and bad presidents for the last 20 years!!!!

  10. I'm suspicious about Jared Kushner having access to secret information, Kim joug un found out his brother was a CIA informant, the journalist kill in the embassy and his body dismember he also work for CIA both cases Jared Kushner was involved in some kind of negotiations before there deaths .
    Assassination. On 13 February 2017,Kim died after being exposed to VX nerve agent at Kuala Lumpur International Airport in Malaysia. It was widely believed that he was killedon the orders of his half-brother Kim Jong-un.
    # Saudi Arabia's public prosecutor has said Khashoggi was killed inside the building on the orders of a rogue intelligence officer.

    Turkish officials however say they have evidence, including gruesome audio recordings, that the journalist was killed by a team of Saudi agents on orders that came from the highest levels. His body has not yet been found.

    The steady stream of disturbing allegations, along with the complex diplomatic situation, means that it can be difficult to keep track of the full story.
    President Donald Trump's senior adviser Jared Kushner met with Saudi Arabia's crown prince Tuesday in their first face-to-face encounter since the October 2018 murder of journalist Jamal Khashoggi.


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