Trump accidentally reveals part of his alleged secret deal


CNN’s Chris Cuomo and Don Lemon take a closer look at the paper President Donald Trump waved that he claimed contained a secret immigration deal with …


  1. CNN for two years Trump is a sexist racist homophobe Russian agent loves dictators Hitler at the end of the day all opinion pieces no factual evidence but you know thatโ€™s fine cnn is left wing propaganda and that is what happens when you have 24 hours news network that repeat the same shit over and over when you run out of stories you make up stories

  2. no matter what …. CNN fake news will always twist and push for false claims, all day every day. CNN fake news losing viewers by the minutes, yep more people watch the food network. dDon ''racist'' lemon head and hypocrite cuomo pushing for the past 3 years false claims and allegations. that's how desperate they are.


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