1. Hillary actually did what Trump said and nothing happened and the media played it off. This shows the bias that the media has against Trump. Trump baited the media and like always, they took it.

  2. Why Norway? He knows what happened with Russia but continues to deny.This guy is insane calling the FBI and all intel information.
    It is time for this thing an embarrassment to the United States,
    to be impeached ASAP

  3. Why are you guys wasting our time, he is ruthless and not a patriot to anything but himself. Even I know, I should not encourage gossips about my co workers . He is talking international, Trump is ruthless.

  4. What’s needed now, in my opinion, is to focus on the laws Trump has passed. The laws that enable the rich to become more wealthy, the planet more toxic, corporations and the military less accountable, rigorous journalism untenable and democracy – especially the electoral system – less meaningful, if not useless.

    Trump’s willingness to be a bungling bum boy for the ultra-wealthy is a distraction from the legislative damage he’s doing to 90% of Americans and a good percentage of the rest of the planet. And yet, literally millions upon millions of Americans, especially fundamentalist evangelicals, continue to support him. It’s as if Russia, China and Iran dropped a stupid bomb on America, and it worked. Perfectly. Go figure.

  5. All Democrats and lovers of CNN must be weak minded monkeys. So, if someone speaks to you, you are automatically going to do what they say to do?? really???? A Russian can't speak to you, because if he does , it's treason, right?????? But Adam Sniff and Barrack Obama , and Hillary Clinton , and CNN commentators can speak to Russians and it is not treason????
    You People are the modern NAZI Party. this is the Democrat way. Accuse others of the crimes that they are doing.
    The Democrats are the traitors to this nation. Everyone who is not a brainwashed monkey knows it.

  6. wooooo !!!!!! Americans, where are our elected officials? This is a ground for removal from office.He should be in jail. He said it clearly in "THE PEOPLES oFFICE." Electrol college did you hear this.? Last month, He said " l don't have any thing wrong in Rusia helping me elected. It was Televised by TAPPER SHOW. WE ARE IN TROUBLE IN AMERICA. No wonder, Trump has been going round the world.

  7. PRESIDENT TRUMP IS RIGHT AGAIN !!! CNN and its mob of loonies I can.t believe how stupid CNN Monkeys are.
    according to you dummies definition, Hillary Clinton and all of her friends should already be in prison for treason.
    How about that soiled toilet paper that was presented to the FISA Court referred to as the " dociette", full of lies from the Russians. Everyone who had anything to do with it, is guilty of treason. According to you nitwits…. What bunch of monkeys..
    My apology to any members of the animal community who may have been offended by my comments.

  8. All this outrage over his comment while Hillary, the DNC, and Frm President Obama created, lied, manipulated and spied on a Presidential nominee, got at least 1 foreign government involved in spying and trying to find anything they can to rig the election so that Hillary could win. Wake up! Obama used the executive branch and other branches of government to illegally try and manipulate the US election process, while the fake news media lied about and covered up the actual crimes committed by the current administration at that time! What’s “stunning” is that everyone involved in this set up have not been arrested, tried and thrown in prison including Obama!

  9. Trump has been The Very Best president we have had in a long time and I have to agree with him and he said he would turn it in to the proper office just he would have to hear that first just like so many people would do the same but I don't think he is said anything wrong with what P.O.T.U.S. said

  10. Why are people claiming to be shocked by any of this? If we’ve learned anything since 2016 it’s that people don’t care as long as it’s a celebrity committing the crime. The media is still promoting Trump even if they spin it as negative attention. Any teacher can tell you that negative attention is still attention to a 5 year old. Focus on the other people or real issues. Educate your public instead of going for the cheap ratings 😡✊🏻

  11. The Great President Donald J. Trump just trolled the libtards again_when will libtards learn. You can't beat the very stable genius he is 80 moves ahead of you. I am not sick of winning yet. Six more glorious years. KAGA


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