John Kerry fires back at congressman: Are you serious?


Former Secretary of State John Kerry got into a contentious exchange with Rep. Thomas Massie (R-KY) over Kerry’s college degree and the evidence of climate …


  1. Forget climate change,National Security is at stake. Bring Solar, Wind, Hydro projects to all communities and get off the grid which is vulnerable.
    I dont hear much talk about science, maybe talk about CME's that could knock us back to the Stone age or hacking of power plants control systems that could collapse the grid. For National Security sake invest in our infrastructure.

  2. Apparently a BA in PoliSci is pseudo-science because it's a BA than a BS.
    Next you're going to tell me than the Business Administration isn't an actual agency and that Mass Communication isn't about talking to things with weight.
    Also it's strange that a guy with a MS in mechanical engineering is arguing to the US signatory of the Paris Climate Accord and talked face-to-face with researchers in Antarctica about climatology, even more so considering the positions of offices since Kerry has a JD, three honourary JDs, and an honourary Public Service Doctorate.

    Having a degree or certificate doesn't mean someone's intelligent, it means they have a specialty in their respective fields to which they earned it. It only becomes a talking point when someone like Massie wants to have a schlong measuring contest for the sake of desperation on a real issue he doesn't want to acknowledge.

  3. Want to know Massie's motivation? Follow the money. Republicans are so easy to figure out. It's always one answer it's just buried under lots of talk. Somewhere someone is profiting from Massie and in turn he is profiting from them. Just find out who it is.

  4. Holy crap!  Kentucky needs to do something about this dude.  How stupid does one have to be for a State to deny selecting a person to represent them? Wow, can't get much dumber than this one….!

  5. Why didn't he do what he's saying in the Obama era/because he didn't believe what he us advocating/stop running the country illegally by asking foreign powers to (HANG IN THERE) e.g. WAIT IT OUT and don't give in to America – underming ones President is tantamount to TREASON/GO AND LIE IN A HAMMOCK WITH A BEER.


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