Ann Coulter on women and politicians


Ann Coulter on politics, women, Hillary and Bill Clinton, and partisan hypocrisy. More from CNN at To license video from CNN/HLN go to …


  1. All the working class money goes to these corrupt politicians the poor will always stay poor as long as these corrupt or in office. Why not make the poor Rich instead of keeping them poor , this video of this woman angers me it’s sickening

  2. I'm sure The Republican Party bribes her to say the ignorant things she does. Who in their right mind would believe her opinions over statistical facts. Piers tries several times to point this out to her and she willfully refuses to acknowledge these points. She is a hopeless lost cause. Piers doesn't need the ratings boost that bad!

  3. She is such a shill… I'm almost convinced she's a deep-cover liberal trying to make the Repubs look bad, because the shit she says sometimes (often, actually) is so idiotic and repugnant it's just ridiculous. I mean it's like, egregiously wrong on so many levels it's comical! Given that she has a law degree, she HAS to see this. Or maybe she's just a professional troll for fame and pay. Smart, really, I guess.


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