Cooper sarcastically plays Trump's 'best jokes'


CNN’s Anderson Cooper took shots at President Donald Trump for challenging his Secretary of State Rex Tillerson to an IQ test and bragging that he would win.


  1. Trump has never taken an IQ test. If he did he would cheat at it. Even with that it would still be low. I guarantee he would never take MENSA at their offer of doing an official one that he couldn’t fix.
    But if the issue is pursued, watch him produce fake results from some fake test with fake documents. Just like his fake financial disclosure.

  2. my money is on tex r. and i'll quadruple down on this bet. yes, tump is LIKE smart and {being like smart} and [being smart] mean two different things tump . {one isn't} and [one is]
    when dealing with tump iq means (intelligence questionable) !

  3. Bigly is not a word…I Q. Means intelligence quotient..AN instrument measuring intelligence no longer being used! Bigly or bagly, or Begly, or bugly or bogly are simply not valid words…especially bigly. Only a moron would use nonsensical words like those that are listed above.. Unless these really Klingon vocabulary..then all bets are off but we are safe in saying the English language does not recognize these FAKE words….and neither do we!

  4. if trump is a genius end smart than why is he so full of shit crap and bullshit? he has cretic on everybody and everything he keeps doing what he is doing like this everyone will hate that shit low life bastard of a cunt


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