'Inside Politics' forecast: An alternate reality


A new poll could mean good news for the GOP, the Dems cash conundrum & a GOP cash infusion are some of the stories inside the ‘Inside Politics” forecast.


  1. You Trump Puppets sure do live in an alternate reality, you do know it works both ways rally attendance numbers don't necessarily mean anything. More at Trump rallies means nothing guarantee you not everybody there is voting for him and guarantee just like you Trump morons are talking about hidden Trump supporters you don't see that it works both ways

  2. Sorry but you turds live in an alternate reality! You turds think that co2 is a poison. You turds think that men can be called women. You turds think that democrats represent America rather than special international agendas! You turds think that Obama was a good president! You turds think that freedom of speech is not a right! You turds think that the HUMAN right to defend yourself should be managed by a government! You turds think that open borders is good for our country! You turds think that GOVERNMENT IS GOD! You turds think that bringing in mass muslims that are not in any computer data bases can be vetted properly and safely and wont create terrorists! You turds think that mass illegals wont push down wages and we should force companies to increase the minimum wage! You turds think that you can keep your doctor! You turds think that Obama didnt take money from big pharma and insurance companies so that this destruction of our country would happen! You are all in a false reality!


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