MSNBC struggling with politics


Joe Concha joins Kurtz to discuss MSNBC’s fall in ratings, as well as Ailes’ response to Jonathan Alter’s allegations. For more CNN videos, visit our site at …


  1. whether you are right or left MNSBC is a terrible network–if you want to be left then be left i.e. challenge Obama's liberalism if you are on you are right point out they are narcissists Maddow pretends to have opinions on world events but she cares only for abortion and sex equality (as she sees it) I make no political point here save they are hypocrites==when Bush went to war they screamed when Obama expanded it they excused him (Bill Moyers) and Bill Buckley (rip) not MNSBC

  2. Both CNN and MSNBC are pretty terrible overall, but honestly CNN has been getting a little better lately. This Howard Kurtz show is good. I liked their coverage of the NSA surveillance story.


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