Political attack ads exhaust Florida voters


Florida residents share their frustration about the number of political ads that have dominated the battleground state. CNN’s Boris Sanchez reports.


  1. so if the "hatch act" is in place to prevent government officials from politicking for a candidate and using government resources on behalf of a candidate, doesn't that make Obama guilty of violating the "hatch act" ? after all, he is out using government funds to campaign for hillary . all the travel expenses and such. hell just to fly air forceĀ one from town to town cost millions in tax payer dollars.

  2. Just FORGET about this "so called" FBI case. Pay attention to Wikileaks and watch out for Voter Fraud/Election Fraud.
    The re-opening of the case is a red herring. Hillary Clinton already knows that there's nothing that will incriminate her in this Anthony Weiner fiasco, that's why she says she wants it all out there. If Hillary never had anything to hide she wouldn't have deleted 33,000 emails and destroyed her phones with a hammer. The Wikileaks show her astounding criminality and also incriminate Obama in the cover-up – so they present this Weiner distraction..

  3. CNN witnesses this daily barrage of dissent and yet continues to deny it's existence. The backlash and objectification levels will continue to rise if Hillary Rotten Satan is elected. We know what you cocksuckers are up to.

  4. "If you tell a big enough lie and tell it frequently enough, it will be believed." From the Greatest Speeches of Adolf Hitler, Trump's bedside reading, per ex-wife, Marla. Trump is obsessed with the manner Hitler used to get people to do his bidding.

    Another line we might want to remember for future reference; "ONLY I, CAN FIX IT!"


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