'Inside Politics' forecast: Trump's Russia…


The next steps for Russian sanctions, Trump’s trip to Paris, Dems workshop a new mantra, and GOPers game plan 2018 campaigns if repeal & replace fails.


  1. Pathetic and cowardly to label everyone and everything you don't lime or agree with as fake?!!! What a alternate universe that Trumpites live in.More cult like and sheepish than America loving or patriotic

  2. Bernie Sanders is the most popular I repeat popular politician in the United States and the Democrats rather shoot themselves in the foot eating every single time don't just follow lead with Bernie Sanders no they rather fall flat in their faces and front of the orange buffoon!!!!

  3. It makes no sense why Donald Jr and Kushner would gives two craps about Russian adoption. They met to get "dirt" on Hillary, or other illegal and crooked reasons.Impeach Trump, give Hillary her rightful position, we all know Hillary won.Trump cheated like a loser who can't pass his history final exams.

  4. America can not have a potus who disrespects all of America's Intel Agencies in favor of forming his own with the enemy, Putin.Trump's son, Jr and Kushner FAILED to report meeting with Russian officials lawyers around campaign time. There are so many violations its pathetic! They tell us now, must have wanted to save it.Trump family and company are a DISGRACE to AMERICA and this needs to be rectified.

  5. 2018 GOP dilemma? We are hella determined to get the 8 full years we will need to fix Barry's 8 years working to undermine what's still good in the non-communist world.

  6. CNN You're the liquid impasse clogging up the media's john. Not Putin and Trump. You are still here today talking crap about Trump and Russia.

    Even with a producer and Van Jones saying on undercover cam *"Russia is a big nothing." You keep stretching the non-truths and its a humiliating feeling just at seeing you cont. treating us like the idiots we must be. (hell no. no more too big to fail!) Sorry. We won't stop at this point. It's even too late for an apology, which is the right thing so you won't do that anyway. ***You think you will have slipped off the hook with distractions, and then start this disparaging fairy tale back up with new false narratives. Since you left the Russian door open it's obvious you will unapologetically continue kicking us around. Your smart advisers are not smart. Neither are your advertisers!!

  7. A small group of Trolls milling around CNN sites shouting "Fake!" Gee, guess we'll all have to forget about trying to hold Trump to account for selling us all out to Russia LOL Keep up the good work CNN, you're obviously doing something right, the Trolls are upset LOL


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