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The battle for the West, Bill back on the trail, Black GOPers on Trump, late night reviews & early voting strategies on the ‘Inside Politics’ forecast.


  1. CNN's polls are whacked out. There's no way a state smart enough to legalize pot would EVER let a dumbass like Trump run the country. I just hope there smart enough to know that real change would mean voting Democrat throughout the tickets. This country hasn't seen this kind of power and change since the 60's! Smart, common sense things like legalizing pot will happen all over the country! It's time to give this a try. We've tried the GOP way for decades and it hasn't worked. They tend to be selfish, greedy hypocrites. Time to VOTE' EM OUT!

  2. I don't want more of the same, so no I don't care that Mr Trump didn't meet your bar. I want to know that my grandchildren and great grandchildren will be safe in their own land. That they can walk down the street, participate in a marathon or go to a night club without having to worry about being blown up. I want to know that our police aren't gunned down in the streets. I want to know that my family can afford to feed themselves and buy a home. I want to live in a land where people want to sing the star spangled banner and can pray where ever they want. Hillary doesn't have heart, she never had. She has one goal, none other. She wants her legacy to be the first woman president. She will do whatever it takes to do that, right or wrong.

  3. Only 80 million watched out of 100 million hyped. Will be low voter turnout. Battle of the religious extremists, both Satanists. One more of a Jihadist, regularly spewing anti-American hate while funding terrorist in Syria–ISIS, too overthrow a govt. Plus, taking religious extremists “Wahabi” money too fund her campaign (Hillary) and lifestyle.

    The other (Trump), wants to help usher in the antichrist by making a deal with the devil, the Synagogue of Satan, Israel, plans to name Jerusalem as capitol of Israel. Who will soon be erecting their “Temple of Satan" with live animal and human Palestinian sacrifices." Trump outright lied too Americans saying putting them first and getting out of the middle east. Now binding America too evil forever. Expect many not to vote and low turnout, Israel is the deal breaker. Especially now it is known their beliefs and intentions are Satanic. Trump does not know right from wrong neither does Hillary. Frightening times…and extremely concerning and disturbing. Likely this election the lowest voter turnout in the history of America. Few want to align themselves with any of it.


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