'Inside Politics' Forecast


Democratic (dis)unity, a Latino boost for McCain, Cruz vs. Clinton and Trump’s concerns about Corey Lewandowski in the ‘Inside Politics’ forecast.


  1. Guess what's difference between Faux News and CNN? Apparently not much! One is right wing propaganda news and the other is corporationist propaganda news and sometimes its tough to differentiate which is which!

  2. There is no bridge and its Bernie or bust! CNN and MSNBC are no different than the media controlled by Dictators. They are a paid message that is meant to paint a picture that is based on their parent Companies wishes. They are all at the trough with Hillary filling their faces! Well I have a message for all of you sell outs of Democracy the 99% have discovered that we are TOO BIG TO FAIL!

  3. the fascinating dynamic is watching main stream news media suck up to clinton and trump…bernie is the biggest news in politics and there is nary a mention of his strength, honesty, decades and decades of loyalty to his causes. watch 'The Young Turks' on youtube..for less biased news

  4. Bull shit Bernie has shown nothing but respect in his campaign! Hillary and her cronies like the CNN's are lying again! Well we all know that game now and we aren't playing anymore!Go Bernie!

  5. Bernie is showing that a revolution is here and that his message is resonating even with Hillary's supporters and they are going to Bernie's and our side. 40 years of consistent good judgement and "fighting for workers fighting for the poorest people" thats a hell of an incentive to vote Sanders and #FeelTheBern

  6. How about finally some respect and unity for bernie. Even some Hillary supportorters are getting sick and tired of Hillary's underhanded tactics and blatant dishonesty against bernie


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