'Inside Politics' forecast


The ‘Inside Politics’ panel reviews pivotal moments from 2014 and looks toward the next year in politics.


  1. Politics is the affairs of the government rather his speech and remarks promise covernment you took royalty from a emporer filthly and jelousy heartedly no parton the its blood in the sea curse is a klu klux klan faculty and infidels thrown off the autoruim balcony– levan walker the gazillionaire

  2.   Hey CNN write about the truth and not Government propaganda.  The supreme court should stop this Glorified Gangster Culture that has been imposed on a civil society for money and there so called freedoms in America. The Justice Department was caught funding a grant of $1.5 million to rap groups making songs to kill cops. The Government is doing everything it can to start a race war or a civil war so that they can bring in a total military police state.

  3. The way that Hillary handled Benghazi has eliminated her from the Presidency forever! So why continue the dog-and-pony show of making people believe that Hillary is a "qualified" candidate?!!


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