Analysis: The politics of voter ID laws


CNN “The Lead with Jake Tapper’s” politics panel discusses the politics behind voter ID laws.


  1. Everyone who has ever:
    – had a bank account,
    – cashed or written a check,
    – bought alcohol legally, (or cigarettes, for that matter)
    – boarded a plane,
    – bought a cell phone plan,
    – been married,
    – owned a legal gun,
    – had a credit card,
    – rented a car,
    – rented an apartment,
    – gotten a paycheck,
    – received welfare,
    – received food stamps,
    – done their military service,
    – travelled abroad,
    – donated blood,
    – gone to college or university,
    – receives a pension,
    – receives social security, including disability of ANY kind,
    – or drives a car/motorcycle…
    HAS A BLOODY ID, ffs!

    Claiming that voter ID is racist because black people are too stupid, poor, or lasy to get an ID, means that they believe that black people have NEVER done ANY of the before mentioned things.
    – The LEFT are the true fucking racists!


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