Inside Politics: Clinton vs. Warren in 2016?


On Inside Politics, John King and his panel compare statements from Clinton and Warren on income equality.


  1. If Hillary does Not run, then Warren MUST RUN FOR PRESIDENT #elizabethwarren2016 ~ Historically, the Progressives where the original liberals of the government, because their principles of sustainable finances was what gave the country growth and progress, Warren is no Democrat, even better, shes a Progressive.

  2. Why if every living American is consider a potential terrorist to the American Gov are we thinking or even going to bother to vote for a terrorist? Or are they (gov..) not consider a terrorist?

  3. "I've gotten e-mails from Republican who say 'she (Warren) actually scares me politically'."

    ^Whoever sent those e-mails was very smart…because they should be scared. The oligarchy will most likely prevent Warren from winning the Presidency if she does run, but her message will resonate and inspire many, and that's what they really fear.

  4. These politicians pay lip service to representing the people over the banks but banks are so large that they can hold the U.S. economy hostage along with the people.  If banks require a bailout to keep lending money, the government will give them one.  They should be discuss breaking apart the banks if they really want a solution. 

    Having said that, I would rather watch these fish-eating menopausal bit***s dyke out on camera than listen to them debate immigration reform or income inequality. 


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