'Inside Politics' Forecast


Help from Romney & Ryan whittling down the GOP field, donors wonder about Bush’s 2016 exit strategy and the Cruz effect in the ‘Inside Politics’ forecast.


  1. The defining issue in 2016 is the Safety Of Americans at home. If people can come here, or are already here, to Kill Us, obviously, something Different has to be done. Democrats, we're waiting for the Plan! I've never voted Republican in my life but I want to hear someone say "Here's The Plan"! Please view my vids here.

  2. American politics matters not for the real power remains in the shadows,you know those who really control the USA,Zionists!!Many Americans have awakened due to social media because America's Corporate Media is owned by the Zionist establishment.America's politics are only a facade meant for entertainment,of which,gets a thumbs down.


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