SE Cupp: Political stupidity of Rep. Waters' comments is criminal


HLN’s SE Cupp criticizes Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA) for her comments encouraging harassment against Trump administration officials, saying that the …


  1. Sign the petition Freedomworks! Remove her from Congress! Maxine Waters indictments are coming to your doorstep soon. The power of the people no longer want you near the flag of the United States! Shàlom🕎✡️

  2. I love the fact that Maxine was called out for her uncivilized rhetoric as criminal behavior. We all know that she is part and parcel the problem with Congress. The other thing is still the media with stupid and unknowledgeable talking heads that are propaganda agents of the left when they blame Trump for all the ills of past congresses and Presidents that have left our borders unprotected and immigration enforcement lacking. This is an issue within our Congress, not the President. Anybody that has study civics would understand this and puts the blame squarely on the shoulders of the elected officials from your districts, not the President.This goes to show you how our society has failed in education and family structure. families with a mother and father are the other teachers in our lives as children that explain to us about parts of our lives that kids need to understand.With only one parent inhouse they struggle to teach when all they do is work.

  3. This is what you get when Nancy Pelosi does blackface Nancy Pelosi and Maxine Waters are both the same people this is when Nancy Pelosi put Saunders black shoe polish and comes out talking like some ghetto coonass nigga

  4. I am an Independent voter. I DO NOT condone people that send bombs to people that is just stupid and wrong. However, you have to blame the people that started the crap by inciting people to shout at them and get in their face in stores, gas stations and restaurants and say YOUR NOT WELCOMED HERE!!!! Like Maxine Waters and having people like Nancy Pelosi saying "Well…if there is collateral damage so be it!" What the hell is up with that crap!! The Democrats have gone to far IMHO. The Democrats inciting people to do just that!!

    They Say well we don't condone violence but they sure incite it! There is a lot of crazy people out there and inciting people to get in peoples face is just wrong!!?

  5. What are we REALLY fighting about? LETS ALL PARTY!!!!! I'm confused…I'm a so called "Libtard" and i think you "Conservatives" are doing a great job on proving my point that debauchery, lying, stealing, cheating on spouses and abnormal deviant sexuaL be·hav·ior is cool!!!! LOVE YOU GUYS, NO CAP!!!

  6. We must support our liberal heroes. Impeach 45! May all immigrant ms13 gang members continue to rape American republicans! Trump cannot win in 2020. Oh gawd lucifer he cannot win! Vote democrat it is what obama would have wanted. Obama is black so you must obey. Youre not a nazi are you? Of course not so you will obey CNN and the democratic party! VOTE DEMOCRAT IN 2020!

  7. I'm a progressive liberal and don't agree with harassing people. That's stooping to a low level, and that's not what we should be about. I admire & respect Waters, and understand where her outrage comes from. So, while I understand it, I don't agree with it, but I have not been treated as poorly as Waters has by this abortion of an "administration". You can be outraged, but it shouldn't be piggybacked on someone else's outrage. Come together & have a conversation. We are more alike than we recognize, but then again -I'm white.

  8. Why is she not in jail? She has threatened all trump supporters and others? Is there a petition to sign somewhere to get her out of her official position, fined, and jailed?

  9. So Trump supporter are called Goons by this woman but the people Maxine Waters want to push back and tell at them that they are not welcome here or anywhere are just called people.

  10. The party of tolerance. Well if this violence incitement and if you republican no service. This is some mental ppl. Maxine should be removed as lawmaker. She not fit to serve. This gives trump 2020. And it shows they are the party of obstruction. Those kids were seperated for 12 years now been goin on. Its up to maxine and her buddies on the hill to make the law, or change it. But instead, its just a political tool. See, calling ppl racist when your racist, calling them intolerant when your intolerant only fools some of the ppl some of the time. Now ppl are waking up. The dem voted against freeing slaves. Look it up. You wont find ig in school books anymore cause they took them out. They started kkk, but dont believe me. They wanted slavery and they didnt want thdm to be citizens. I havent seen the dems this mad since the republicans took they slaves away. They voted NO to free slaves. When the republican party grew in numbers tbey voted in lincoln, and lincoln freed ghe slaves. Do your homework. They only come around on election time to tell you they are for minoity, but they gave sold us out to illegal immigrants. Ghey spend more time n resourse to them than they own ppl. Had you or me done the things these folk have done, we wouldnt have jobs, friends and broke. How did some of yhese fllks get their riches? Off kying, cheating, stealing, from american tax payers. He more you know truth, you will be free. You will understand the desperation of why they so unhinged.

  11. Without God, and a moral High ground that is outside of our own humanity, we will always sink to our normal levels of savagery, selfishness, hatred, fear, and depravity. We took God out of Schools, and get rid of the 10 commandments, and eliminated school prayer… and our children are growing up without any sense of common morality. We told them they were little more than animals with base instincts and now we want them to somehow rise above that and act more than we have told them they are? The Grand Public Educational, and Media Experiment is beginning to backfire in a major way. Problem is, you cannot go back and change a two generations of children that are now Angry, Entitled Spoiled Adults. If something doesn't change America is pretty much doomed to a cesspool of increasing lawlessness and hedonism where the lowest common denominator of human is celebrated, and freedom is eliminated by political correctness and extreme intolerance of anyone who disagrees with you. We let this happen to our Country, and now we will have to pay the piper. I think a wonderful catastrophic disaster is just what America's spoiled masses need to have a wake up call that re-frames their entire world view. No food stamps, No Welfare, No Social Programs, No Medicare, Medicaid, Private, or public health insurance, no food, no clean water, no gasoline, no electricity… Just let it all go to crap for about a year and see what happens to the spoiled, the weak, and the entitled? Just a thought!


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