'Inside Politics' forecast: Rubio to the rescue?


Rubio’s possible Senate run, Trump’s UK trip, Clinton’s economic speech & the FEC’s campaign cash deadline are all a part of our ‘Inside Politics’ forecast.


  1. So he's going to play golf….He's not President yet!!! He can do whatever he wants right now. Now when Obama, President Obama, leaves his duty to go play golf CNN doesn't bat an eyelash.

  2. The biggest problem with America isn't the gun violence or the drugs or the wars etc… The biggest problem is the Lying Media. The scream freedom of the press, to lie ? Pass laws making it illegal to lie and most MSM will go under ! They control the entire country through their outlets T.V Radio and Movies. Time for some common sense laws against these vial propaganda whores !

  3. Don't know the host name but every time I watch these videos he's smiling and talking about serious matters with a happy tome and big smile on his face. I wish someone will pick up the baton left behind by Tim Russert who took such conversations serious and never tried to joke and be smiling while discussing such serious matters as the Presidential race. That Chuck Todd does the same thing and we see now how Donald Made it to this point. These people are entertained by all of this looking to have stories to tell in books and in future interviews at the expense of the American people.

  4. Anyone, even as retarded as trump is, is better than Hitlery with her proven track record of locking up minorities, selling out the middle class to bankers and can't even control her man, let alone, an entire country.


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